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Lauren, Ashley and Katie's Babyshower ideas

Lauren, Ashley and Katie’s Babyshower ideas

We are Lauren, Ashley and Katie; 3 Moms with 7 children under 8 years old between us!   All our very best tips and ideas are here for you to throw the perfect babyshower!

While we were working together we were always the ‘Go-To’ babyshower event planners at the office, and with all our friends too,  so in 2009 we decided to birth Babyshowersinfo.com

We love planning and hosting the perfect baby shower for each other and all our friends.

All the tips and info we are sharing here on Babyshowersinfo.com are all our best ‘tried and tested’ ideas about everything related to babyshowers.

We’ve designed it specifically to help you choose everything you need.  From the right venue to the cutest baby boy or baby girl theme, right down to the right activities and games – and everything else in-between.

Planning a babyshower? We’ve got you covered!

The Wonderful History of Baby Showers

The history of babyshowers

Baby showers have a rich social, and wonderful cultural, history, see some here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_shower

Originally baby showers developed as a way to welcome a new Mom to motherhood.  Baby showers grew out of a common aim of  showing support for the Mom-to-be and to help prepare her for the challenges ahead!

So, we are here to help you create the best initiation party for the Mom to be. We all believe in creating budget-friendly babyshowers and we have lots of free baby shower ideas to give you.

All you need are:

  • A detailed baby shower checklist
  • Ideas for the best babyshowers themes
  • The best baby shower favor ideas
  • Fun baby shower games
  • ‘Just right’ babyshower food and drinks
  • All the right people, and
  • The best babyshower favors

Baby Shower Checklist

Using a checklist Checklist for baby shower planningis a proven strategy that all successful planners can’t do without!

You can just make a checklist up yourself or if you’d like something special, there are heaps of different types you can chose from.

These are some of our favorites, use one that is the easiest for you.

As busy working moms we have no time for errors so detailed checklists help keep us on track with everything we need for our babyshowers.

We usually use because we don’t always complete each item in order.

Our website will provide you with great tips for creating useful

Gender-themed Babyshowers

Baby shower gender themes ideaThere are so many beautiful ideas available now for gender-themed baby showers, it can be hard to choose!

There’s no rules to say though that you have to stay with pink decorations and food for a baby girl themed baby shower.

There’s no rules to say it has to be blue all the way for a baby boy themed baby shower either!

Baby girl themes range from adorable princess-like decorations to gorgeous soft pastel colors that inspire the young girl within us all.

Similarly, there are some really great baby boy themes ranging from sports inspired decorations to race cars and dinosaurs.

All our best ideas for baby boy and baby girl themes we’ve included for you on this site.

There’s some great new baby shower trends emerging too. Some couples choose to have a gender reveal party where they tell their friends the gender of the baby at the shower. How exciting is that!

Some people also choose to have quirky babyshowers with adorable party favors, food and games.

We want you to dare to be different! Use our tips to help you plan an exciting babyshower.

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Bookmark babyshower favor

With 7 young children we’ve all had babyshowers ourselves!

We’ve also thrown lots of baby showers for our colleagues, our friends and family members too.

It’s always so exciting!

One of the things we really like to do, to make all our babyshowers  really memorable,  is to give our guests great party favors to take home.

Very few people tend to consider providing guests with party favors at a babyshower.

Party favors don’t need to be expensive at all, so give a small but thoughtful, beautiful gift and make a lasting impression on all your friends.

To help you make your babyshower memorable and we’ve presented here some of our very best baby shower favor ideas.

Fun Baby Shower Games

baby shower game the price is rightBabyshowers shouldn’t be boring!

Try games such as “Pin the Sperm on the Egg” or “Pregnant Twister”.

There’s and we have several other games on this website that will add spice to your babyshower.

Some of your guests may not be able to enjoy the liberating experience of drinking alcohol, but you can make some great and memorable for the occasion!

You can be as rowdy as you like and have loads of fun!

The Right Baby Shower Food

Food idea for babyshower at work

Food idea for babyshower at work

People love to go to parties for these three reasons: Food! Fun! and Fellowship.

There’s some ideas above about having lots of fun at your babyshower.

Now we have to talk about one of the most important components – food!

We have so many wonderful ideas for baby shower cakes for boys and girls, as well as delicious finger foods that you could make yourself.

Keep your guests tummies happy and you’re sure to have them talking about your babyshower for years to come.

Creating the Baby Shower Guest List

Babyshower guest listTo have the best fun you need to have your best people with you. All the people that make you happy.

It’s tempting to include everyone Mom-to-be knows for the big celebration but we know that the most important component of a great babyshower is inviting the right people.

Think about who cares for Mom-to-be the most, who is the best fun, who likes to help get everyone joining in, who likes doing the dishes afterwards.

Include all your ‘most important’ people first to create the best guest list.

When you’ve decided on your list, we’ll help you to choose the right baby shower template for your invitations.

Choosing the Best BabyShower Location

restaurant baby showerThere’s generally lots of choice on where to hold the babyshower. We’ll show you here some great options.

We’ll take you through a baby shower at work and baby shower at home. Then there’s lots of other choices from the local café to the gym, a beautiful restaurant and more besides.

Where and when you host the babyshower is very important because these factors will determine who you invite, the decorations you use, and the food to serve.

We’ll provide you with all our best tips to help you get the location right.

beach themed baby showerWe even help you to think outside the box!

Why not consider hosting your baby shower at a picnic in a stunning location at the beach?

Country-loving folk might really appreciate a beautiful wooded location!

Summing It Up

By creating Babyshowerinfo.com we hope to share with you everything we know and everything you need to know about hosting an awesome babyshower.

There is no need for you to be an ordinary babyshower planner. Our tips will help you to create a comprehensive babyshower checklist!

Using our tips you can create the right theme, purchase or make the right babyshower favors, choose the right food, invite the right guests, and choose the right location!

Get ready to host the best babyshower ever!

Write and let us know if you find our tips helpful and tell us what you and your friends do and what your unique baby shower ideas are too!

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