8 Top Picks for Baby Girl Shower Themes

baby girl themes

So your best friend is expecting and now you have to come up with one of the most perfect baby girl shower themes for the perfect baby shower.

When planning a baby shower, sifting through all the cute girl baby shower themes can often be the most exciting part.

Baby shower planners tend to be a close friend to the couple that is expecting and they often find themselves wondering how creative and original they should be with the theme.

Do you need one of those stunningly unique baby girl themes or would something traditional or delightfully simple do the trick just as well?

mommy to beeWhichever way you decide to focus your search, choosing baby girl themes for a baby shower can be lots of fun.

There are not as many events that are as exciting as celebrating the impending birth of a baby girl.

No matter if you are planning a shower for your best friend, a family member or a colleague at work, exploring baby girl shower themes is an exciting adventure.

It is important to create an event that is unique and one which everyone will remember for days and years to come.

Here are some baby girl themes to help get you started with lots of ideas.

1. “It’s a Girl” The much loved baby girl theme

'Think Pink' themeThere’s nothing like a gender announcement.

No matter how many children the couple has had the gender reveal is always a big deal. So why not take this into the theme?

Baby girls are sweet, beautiful creature that everyone can’t help but absolutely love.

Imagine this: Everything is all shades of pink. Everything is fine and frilly. Bows on the center pieces. Balloons and streamers that say “It’s a girl!”

This theme is easy to pull off, simple but the perfect fit for any mother expecting a baby girl.

This is the ultimate baby girl shower theme which can be adapted to all budgets and locations. And, there’s no shortage of pink baby shower ideas. Baby shower planners never go wrong with this ‘golden’ pink baby girl shower theme.

2. “Ready to Pop” Theme

Ready to POP!This fun theme is a little more creative than the previous but still so easy to work with.

The theme is held together by serving different flavors of popcorn, popping champagne and cake pops.

Consider hosting a game that is focused around balloons popping.

Anything that goes with the theme in any way will work great with this.

3. Nursery Theme for Girls

Teddy  themeFor parents who are planning a nursery for their baby, a shower can revolve around the theme of the nursery itself.

Everything at the baby shower will depend on the nursery.

If the nursery’s theme is teddy bears then create the shower around teddy bears including the color scheme, refreshments, games and decorations.

These baby girl shower themes are a huge success since they build on the parent’s ideas and goals for the baby’s first room.

Using their nursery theme can make planning the shower easier since the theme is basically already chosen.

4. Princess! A Top Pick for Baby Girl Theme

Pink Princess Cookie CutterA a really popular nickname for baby girls all over the world is “princess.”

Every mother wants to have her own princess. This is why our number three pick for baby girl themes is a princess theme.

The Mom-to-be can wear a tiara and if you want to make it fancy it can be nice enough to pass down to the daughter.

Treat the guests like royalty with delicious food served to them and the Queen, or mommy to be, at the head of the table.

Again, the great part of this theme is all the possibilities in food, decorating and games.

We’ve seen lots of pink and glitter in the decorations with this baby girl theme. Maybe even a castle shaped cake.

You could ask everyone to dress formally if that is something you think the mother would think was good fun.

5. Sweet Lamb Baby Girl Theme

Sweet baby lamb baby shower themeNothing says “soft and sweet” like a baby lamb.

It’s easy to create a dreamy scene and add your own touch of elegance while welcoming your sweet little lamb to the world.

Lamb designs are soft and peaceful and can provide an atmosphere of sweet innocence.

Soft pinks and greens outlined in ivory can provide a beautiful décor for baby girl shower themes.

To add a little dreamy effect, accent the decorations with floating gold stars.

Your shower theme will be the hit they’ll be talking about for days to come.

6. Lady Bug Baby Girl Theme

Lady Bug themeLady bugs are delicate just like the new bundle of joy being welcomed into the world.

Mix and match lady bugs using feminine hues like pink or purple which can be accented with yellows, greens and blues.

The ladybug theme is an excellent choice for a shower that is family oriented and siblings are present.

Choose party favors and hats that can help everyone stay involved.

7. Butterflies and Flowers Baby Girl Theme

Butterflies and Flowers themeThese are both favorites of little girls and they can make very colorful baby girl shower themes.

The neat thing about butterflies and flowers is that either of them could be used separately for a theme for the shower, or they could be combined to make a cute baby girl shower theme theme.

Since they both come in a variety of colors, using pink as a base works well sprinkled with pastel colored flowers and butterflies. L

ight shades of purple, yellow, green and even blue can dot pink backgrounds to create a whimsical shower theme for the new arrival.

8. Classic Baby Feet Theme

Beautiful baby shower cakePink baby feet is one of the classic baby girl shower themes used to celebrate her arrival.

Decorations can include images of two tiny baby feet which feature pink and white hues. Decorations can be accented with pink and white polka dots or checkered borders.

The popularity of the classic baby feet theme makes finding decorations for these baby girl themes a breeze.

We’ve successfully used these simple, easy but ‘guaranteed-to-succeed’ themes time and time again. When deciding your baby shower girl theme just make sure it is something relatable and fun for mom-to-be. That is why such simple themes can work so well.

With a wonderfully simple pink baby shower idea you can’t go wrong. They are easy and they just make sense.

Don’t be fooled into thinking simple themes can’t be creative; you can change the “ready to pop” saying into anything that relates to pregnancy. Or use a stork theme instead of “it’s a girl.”

Here you have our best top baby girl themes for a baby shower. Create and enjoy!