10 Of The Best Fun Baby Shower Games

Free printable babyshower gamesLots of fun baby shower games right here!

A baby shower would be incomplete without at least one fun baby shower game.

An easy baby shower game can easily transform a party where everyone is a little bit shy, into something really exciting!

Here’s a list of the top ten baby shower games that are proven to be successful  and guaranteed to add life and to the party.

It just takes a few minutes to make your party go with a real swing!

Here’s some cool ideas for baby shower games:

1. Guess the Baby Photo babyshower game

Guess The Baby Shower GameNothing gets a conversation going at a babyshower like the “Guess the Baby Photo” babyshower game!

Ask all the guests to send one of their funniest baby photos to you via email.

Print each photo. At the start of the shower, divide the group into two teams. They will remain in these teams for the remaining babyshower games.

Give each member of a team a photo and a sheet of paper. On the sheet of paper, have each team member write who they think the photo is representing.

Each correct answer will win the team a point. The team with the most points wins that round of babyshower games.

2. Guess the Baby Food Babyshower Game

baby-shower-food-game-2This can be one of the most hilarious baby shower games! Imagine people faces when they taste these!

The guests should remain in their teams. Blindfold each team member and have them taste some unusual baby food flavors such as ham and pineapple puree.

Let each team member taste each of the flavors and guess what it is. A point is awarded for each correct answer. The team with the most points wins the round.

This is No 1 in the quick, easy baby shower games list!

3. What’s the Cost? Babyshower Game

gold-dollar-signBabies come with hefty price tags.

A good babyshower game is “What’s the Cost?” One of the quick, easy baby shower games! Arrange some popular baby related items on a table.

Have teams alternately guess the prices of each of the items. The team with the most points wins the round.


4. Pin the Sperm on the Egg

This is a game that wouldn’t be played in groups. Print an enlarged image of a female reproductive system. That image should have an egg in the uterus.

Guests will be blindfolded and given one chance to pin the sperm on the egg. This babyshower game is similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

5. Decorating Onesies. A great fun baby shower game!

Onesies are important apparel for newborns. Why not allow guests to personalize them? This makes a really fun baby shower game! Guests can write sincere messages and use creative decorations to transform a plain onesie into something fabulous and you can easily and quickly buy plain onesies right here and have them delivered. couldn’t be an easier idea for baby shower games.

6. Baby Bingo – A fun baby shower games for all ages

Bingo babyshower gameThis is a fun babyshower game that is played during the opening of gifts.

Each guest is given a bingo card with possible baby shower gifts displayed. They are also given bingo chips.

As each gift is open, the guests put the chips on the corresponding name on their cards.

The guest who gets Bingo first wins.

7. Pregnant Twister 

As a twist on the classic Twister game, Pregnant Twister will have your guests moving all around in hilarious contortions.

It’s a babyshower game that can be played in teams. Have a representative of each team strap on a fake baby belly. The player who is able to maintain her balance the longest wins.

8. Baby Bottle Bowling – terrific and fun baby shower game

Baby Bottle Favors for babyshowersArrange 10 baby bottles filled with sand or similar in a triangle. Have guests use a tennis or ping-pong ball to knock as many of the baby bottles down as possible.

A terrific, fun babyshower game. This one can turn out to be a hilarious baby shower game!



9. Sketch a Baby babyshower game

Baby sketchWho says everyone isn’t an artist?

Have your guests portray their artistic skills by sketching a picture of a baby on a paper plate.

This is a great fun baby shower game.  It’s hilarious but it can turn up a really talented friend or relative.

These drawings (maybe the good ones!) could become a part of the party favors.


  10. Pin the baby on the Mommy – a cute and charming babyshower game

Pin teh BabyFor a really fun baby shower game, try this! This game is similar to the Pin the Sperm on the Egg game. However, this game is more personal.

Take a picture of the expectant mother beforehand and have it enlarged and placed on a wall. Blindfold each guest, spin her, and have her pin a baby cutout as close to the stomach on the picture.

Every baby shower game can be fun and engaging. Think about which one your friends and family would think was the best fun baby shower game using some of our ideas here.