5 Quick and Easy Baby Shower Cakes to Make

If you are thinking about hosting a baby shower for someone special, then you have several things to plan including searching through baby shower cake ideas looking for one that’s ‘just right’. Instead of an ordinary cake, you want to wow the guests with something creative and fun, a cake that celebrates the upcoming new life.

As you will discover, baby shower cakes are easy to make. To get you started, we have provided you with some ideas on how you can make the baby shower cake unique.


butterfly-baby-shower-cakeThis perfect pink baby shower cake is one of the easiest baby shower cakes to make if you have little experience with cake making.

Although it’s easy to make, the result is one of the most beautiful and impressive cakes for a baby shower

Select two heart-shaped cake pans and a round bottom muffin tin.

  • Gather the ingredients, for three cakes. Also icing, coloring, cake decorations, cardboard, and foil.
  • Bake two heart-shaped cakes and round muffins using the cake batter.
  • After baking, cool the cakes completely. Cover the piece of cardboard with foil.
  • Frost the heart-shaped cakes using the same color such as baby blue, yellow, pink, or purple. The muffins should be frosted white.
  • For the body, place the frosted muffins on the foil in a vertical line
  • Create wings by placing the pointed part of each heart-shaped cake up next to the second muffin
  • Create the antennas on the top muffin or butterfly head, by using two thin pieces of black licorice.
  • For the eyes, two small chocolate chips work well.
  • On the rounded part of each wing (heart cakes), place a couple of red-hot candy for decoration.
  • For more instructions on how to make a Butterfly Cake see here.

Baby Blocks Cakes For a Baby Shower

Baby Block Cakes for a Baby ShowerAnother really easy but one of the most adorable cakes for a baby shower is baby blocks.

For this cake, make two rectangular shaped cakes.

Once cooled, ice the top of one cake and then place the second cake on top so you now have a long, two-layered cake. Simply cut pieces to resemble 3×3-inch squares.

These squares would then be frosted with a pastel color and using a piping bag, white piping applied on all edges.

To finish the blocks, you would pipe letters or numbers with white icing

Step by Step Cup Cakes For a Baby Shower

Baby Cupcakes for a Baby ShowerBeautiful and impressive Baby Shower cupcake cakes!

These baby shower cakes can be presented in so many eye-catching ways.

They can look terrific and very attractive as a center-piece as either baby boy or baby girl shower cakes.

See right here for more wonderful ideas and instructions about making Cupcakes for a Baby Shower

Baby Booties Baby Shower Cake

baby booties cakeThese are also really cute great baby shower cakes and fun to make.

In this case, you need to make cupcakes, using one and one-half for each of the booties to create the design. Use any of the baby shower cake recipes here . You can also purchase wonderful paper cake molds, which are great for non-bakers.

In this cake, simply use cake batter in the mold and when done, invert the cake onto a serving platter. To complete, frost and decorate.

Diaper Cakes for a Baby Shower

Baby shower Diaper CakeThis is such a cool and thoughtful way to make your friend feel really special.

This is quick and easy to make and looks marvelous as a centerpiece.

And of course it’s a simple and useful baby shower cake and guaranteed to be calorie free!