10 Most Successful Baby Boy Themes

Baby Shower Themes for BoysNeed ideas for a baby shower theme for a boy?

We have organized heaps of baby showers for boys and you can find all our best hints and tips for the prefect baby boy theme right here.

These themes are simple, creative, and just flat out adorable ideas for a baby shower for boys.

We know that whether you are an expecting mother (or dreaming of being one), or the best friend, colleague or family member planning the baby shower, that you will find some excellent inspiration from our list.

1. Childrens Book Theme

Book ThemeBring back the memories of your childhood by getting some children books ready for decoration (top tip – and then they can double as gifts!).

Along with the books you can have themed foods that go along with them.

Think: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, yum! Decorate tables with children book quotes and then play “name that book” as a game.

Amazon have a great range and will deliver to your home or workplace! The Childrens book theme is a really popular baby boy theme.

2. Using a Sporty Theme for a Boy

Cool sporty cake pops!You just can’t go wrong using sports as a theme when planning baby shower for boys. What a delightful way to celebrate the family’s most valuable player!

The theme can center on a single sport such as golf or baseball or it can be more of an “All Star Sports” theme incorporating a variety of sports.

Decorative touches can make use of various sports equipment like baseball bats, gloves and baseballs; or basketballs and a net.

Whichever sport or sports are chosen to be the center of attention can be placed on classic baby blue backgrounds to celebrate the latest first-round draft pick.

One of the most timeless boy themes for baby shower

3. Fun Safari Baby Boy Theme

Blue safari themeBlue Safari themes are sweet for a boy but you can also break away from the classic blue and use browns, orange and green to decorate for a safari.

Guests will have a wild time celebrating the birth of a baby boy. This is one of the cutest boy themes for a baby shower

Jungle safari decorations can include any combination of cute monkeys, giraffes, lions, tigers or rhinoceroses. It’s easy to take this theme and build it around one jungle animal like the “king of the jungle” the lion.

A top pick for baby shower decorations for boys. Use stuffed animals, palm trees and serve fresh fruit to jungle guests .

4. Nautical Baby Boy Theme

Not onlyNautical theme is nautical everywhere lately but it can work great as a theme for a baby shower for boys.

Purchase matching mommy and baby shirts that say “Mommy’s first mate,” serve donuts as life preservers and have a “sips away” drink station.

Not only will the theme be very easy to decorate for but the blue color works great for a baby shower for boys and of course one of the top themes for boy nursery.

5. The New Prince – The Ever Popular Baby Boy Theme

Welcome the new Prince!Plan a party to welcome this new baby prince into the world where he will rule his parent’s hearts? This is such a timeless and popular baby boy theme!

Baby blue can provide a classic backdrop to incorporate more royal color schemes such as dark blue and lime green. Accent decorations with stripes or polka dots.

Baby castles and crowns are perfect decorations to use along with traditional baby bottles and pacifiers donning dark blue and green hues. It’s the perfect décor for a party for the king to be.

6. Winnie the Pooh Theme – a wonderful classic

Winnie the PoohWinnie the Pooh is a classic character that children love to grow up with. But he also makes a whimsical and vibrant choice for baby boy themes.

Use decorations to recreate the Hundred Acre Woods and coordinate decorations and party favors using Pooh and his friends Tigger and Piglet.

Honey barrels, trees and bees can provide great accents and a colorful touch.

Bright yellows, lime green, and tangerine can make for a wonderful honey-filled adventure.

7. Teddy Bear Theme For A Boy

teddy-bear-cakeBabies are great for cuddling and loving just like a teddy bear. Why not use this theme in which the decorations can once again double as gifts?

The color scheme is brown and blue and having a food, and especially a cake, shaped like a teddy bear will really pull this baby boy theme together.

A super-cute baby shower theme for a boy. See here for a huge collection

8. Little Man Baby Boy Theme

Cute Frenchie Baby TuxedoAre mommy and daddy excited for their little man to be here? The theme “little man” is fun baby boy theme and can be decorated so many ways.

Decorate cupcakes with edible tie shaped candies and play “pin the tie on the little man” all while sipping out of straws decorating with fake mustaches.

How can you not say “aww” to this adorable theme for a baby shower theme for boys?

Who’ll be the first to give this cute Tuxedo onesie from Frenchie?

9. Mossy Oak Camouflage Theme

Stunning camouflage cake Are the expecting parents a little on the country side? If so, it doesn’t get better than a camouflage baby shower.

This is a perfect shower to hold outside; the decorating will be taken care of and all it needs is a deluxe pic-nic spread out on a checked rug.

A great goody to give out is bags of camouflage M&Ms

10. A ‘Little Kicker’ is on His Way

theme for a boy Football Baby Shower favorA perfect baby boy theme for football fans!

A football themed baby shower with the cutest saying to go along with it.

The color scheme is brown and blue and you decorate everything with football inspiration.

You can even give guests lovely Baby Boy Football Favors to take home.

One of the most popular baby boy nursery themes


When choosing a baby boy theme, be sure to make it relatable to the parents and the baby. There are many resources on the internet where you will find even more baby boy themes to find even more ideas for these specific themes. If one of these themes reminds you of the expecting couple then it is a keeper and guaranteed to be a huge success!

All of these themes are creative and really easy to pull off. With many of them you can even use the decorations as gifts and easily find food that fits the theme perfectly. If all else fails try a baby boy nursery theme!

Write and tell us your favorite baby boy theme for a baby shower