Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

Babyshower toppers and picksYum! Baby shower cakes for boys!

Any baby shower is incomplete without a cake. This delectable treat is often the centerpiece of the shower. Therefore, it is important for it to be both gorgeous and tasty.

Baby shower cakes for boys often conform to the traditional blue frosting. They can also be really fun and easy to make. toppers and picks

See here a list of some great ideas for baby shower cakes for boys.

Sport-Themed Baby Shower Cakes for a Boy

Football themed toppers

Football themed toppers

There are many things that are commonly associated with boys.

One such thing is playing sports and being active.

Try creating a cake that mimics your husband or boyfriend’s favorite sport.

You could try a cup cake pyramid baby shower cake for a boy decorated with these superb toppers and picks

Baby Booties and Rattle Shower Cake

Blue booties deco set

Another great idea for a baby shower cake for boys is a baby booties and rattle shower cake.

This cake is incredibly simple to make. See wonderfully simple step by step video instructions here and gorgeous cake decorations here

Baby Bib Baby Shower Cakes for a Boy!

An easy to make baby shower cake for a boy! Craft your cake in the shape of a bib with all the ruffles and frills.

You can then write any message and decorate it to personalize the cake.

This is one of the most simple baby boy cakes we know!

Pacifier Cupcakes – cute Baby Shower cakes for a boy

Pacifier cupcakes

Who says that you have to have a big cake at your baby shower?

A great idea for a baby shower cakes for a boy is cupcakes with toppings that mimic pacifiers.

The pacifiers can be easily made from lifesavers and jelly beans.

Baby’s Blanket Cake

Baby Blanket shower cake for a boy

Baby Blanket shower cake for a boy

One of the most adorable sights for a new mom is seeing her child’s head poking out from underneath a blanket.

You can capture this adorable sight easily with a square cake mold. If you don’t have one, check here.

Just use a few splashes of blue frosting to make it a baby shower cake for a boy.

Choosing to make a cake for a baby shower is such a fun DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project.

There are lots more ideas and decorations:

Adorable Blue Bows and Pins and Yellow Rubber Ducks.

Adorable decorations

Adorable cake decorations

A cute and easy baby shower cake for a boy is easily made by decorating a plain sheet cake with blue bows and pins and yellow rubber ducks.

These edible hard sugar decorations are very cost effective.

Decorations for Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

Blue onesie cake topper

A decoration kit and blue ribbon is a perfectly quick way to decorate a baby shower cakes for a boy.

Check out some options for baby carriages, baby bottles, hearts, and baby onesies right here.

It’s a Boy! Blue Baby Shower Cupcake Rings

One of the most simple It’s a boy cakes for a boys baby shower! If you’re choosing to make cupcakes what could be easier and sweeter than these toppers?

No time for a DIY project? Put in your order at the local retailer or bakery. There are also great cake baby shower ideas for boys online – see these cool sites:

Circo’s Pastry Shop

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Circo’s Pastry Shop offers a variety of baby shower cakes for boys. Their designs creative and beautiful designs will leave you speechless.Unique baby shower cakes here!

Amphora Bakery

This quaint bakery, Amphora, is located in Vienna and Herndon Virginia . It also offers a variety of baby shower cakes for boys. You can place your orders online and choose from 18 baby shower cakes.

Porto’s Bakery and Café

Porto’s bakery offers some classic and gorgeous baby shower cakes for boys. It has three locations in California: Burbank, Glendale and Downey. Check out their website for further information.

Lola’s Cupcakes

Cupcakes are growing in their popularity at special events. They are cute and much easier to eat than a whole cake.Lola’s Cupcakes are UK based and offer wonderful cupcakes specifically for baby showers for boys. Visit their website for further details.

Diaper Cakes

Diaper Centerpiece A great idea if all guests are trying to keep their figure! A super centerpiece, easy to order and transport and so useful for Mom-to-be! There are all sorts of beautiful designs here.

So here you have some of our tried and tested baby shower cake ideas.

There are also some ideas for you on

There’s ideas for homemade baby shower cakes for boys and girls and our best suggestions of where to buy the best baby shower decorations for cakes.