Baby Shower Ideas on a Budget

Tiny DollarsFinding baby shower ideas on a budget can be a time consuming task.

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate new life but with so much to do, they can get expensive when you buy everything from a supplier, unless the items are heavily discounted. This is when you need lots of baby shower ideas on a budget!

When planning to host a baby shower and bearing in mind your budget, you can still have an incredible party without skimping on anything but all with some creative budget-conscious ideas.

In this article, we have listed some options to consider so your hosted baby shower will be a huge success and within your budget – a wonderful time that everyone will remember and it won’t leave you broke!

Baby Shower Invitation Templates on a budget!

Invitation templates for freeFor starters, rather than buy expensive invitations from baby shower suppliers, you can use your computer to make baby shower invitations.

You can then customize and print yourself.

You will find some beautiful designs here or if you are creative, make something special.

Candy Pacifier Necklaces – Baby Shower Ideas to Make at Home!

Candy Pacifier NecklaceOnce guests arrive, hand out candy pacifier necklaces. These are really cute baby shower ideas.

Similar to candy necklaces, these are made from candy shaped like miniature pacifiers that can be purchased at most bulk candy stores – just right for a baby shower on a budget.

Use thick elastic string to make the necklaces very quickly and easily.


‘Potluck’  A Perfect Babyshower Idea on a Budget!

Babyshowers Afternoon TeaThis is perfect for a baby shower on a budget and everyone really loves to help out at a time like this.

Rather than make or cater all the food yourself, which can be very expensive, make the baby shower a potluck.

Then, as well as asking everyone to bring a certain dish, it’s a great idea to ask guests to also bring a copy of the recipe for the new mother.

Often, finger foods make the best choice. Beautifully filled and presented sandwiches make an absolutely perfect afternoon tea which will be very kind to your budget. Sandwiches allow guests to mingle and talk easily without a full course meal on the plate.

As well as sandwiches, tarts, fresh vegetables and fruit, and other smaller snacks are a great choice. Budget Baby shower food ideas can be delicious but very cost effective for your and your friends. This is a great baby shower idea and everyone will love to lend a hand.

Budget and Beautiful Party Favors

Baby showers Thank you FavorMany of these beautiful little favors items can be purchased at for just a few dollars at dolla ror discount stores such as K-Mart or Wal-Mart.  These are super baby shower ideas on a budget!

Or, you can easily order in bulk from Amazon and get an easy delivery as well as budget friendly favors to hand to your guests.

Good choices include bath and body items, cute notepads, coupons, candles, baby bottles filled with candy, and other similar things.

Decorations: Baby Shower Ideas On a Budget

plain baby onesiesString plain cloth baby onesies or diapers across the window, door, or entryway using colored clothespins. An ‘oldie’ but a ‘goodie’.  One of the best and simpliest baby shower ideas on a budget.  It makes so much sense!

The party will be a huge success but at a price that you could afford.