8 Beautiful Baby Shower Decorations

fun baby sower at workEveryone wants the perfect baby shower, which includes beautiful and unique baby shower decorations.

While you can use streamers and balloons, we wanted to provide you with some ideas for unique decorations to make the party extra special.

Keep in mind that to make your party extra special, you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money on decorations.

We have some simple baby shower decorating ideas for you here. Simply put your creative hat on and consider some of the ideas we have provided!

Baby Shower Table Decorations

candle baby shower decoarationjpgFor starters, you can create beautiful table decorations for your baby shower by simply using empty baby food jars!

Remove the labels and fill the jars full of colored sand. Then, purchase miniature candles or tea lights which would be placed in the middle of the jar. Take colored pastel ribbons, tying a bow around the rim of each jar.

When placed in the center of the table, these candles offer a nice but inexpensive touch as baby shower decorations.

Make your own Edible Pacifier Shower decorations

baby shower decorationsYou can also make pacifiers out of two wintergreen lifesavers and a jelly belly. Using vanilla icing simply secure the “pacifiers” together.

Place a handful in a bowl, placed on the table as well as other rooms of the house for guests to munch on. They look very pretty and appropriate decorations and they taste great too!

Decorations on a Wall, Window, Fireplace or Door

baby shower decorationsTo decorate around the house or even around a table, you can use either diapers or baby onesies.

For the diapers, take either folded cloth diapers with pink or blue designs created with craft paint. With this, you could write A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, or the name of the baby if you know it.

You could make this a really funny decoration for your baby shower.

The Babyshower Food and Drinks Table

bathtub for baby showerFor the food and punch table, purchase a baby tub shaped like a whale.

Clean the baby tub well with hot, soapy water and then use this as your punch bowl and a simple baby shower decoration.

To create the look, add a miniature yellow duck to float on the surface.

This is one of the most innovative baby shower centrepieces and decorations for a baby shower and always very popular!

A Great Centerpiece makes a beautiful and unique decorating idea


Baby shower lampA themed lamp can make a great baby shower centerpiece.  For instance, you could use a Winnie the Pooh lamp and then around the base of the lamp, place honey flavored candy.

The lamp would be a wonderful gift for the new mom and dad so choose a lamp that fits in with their baby room décor.

Another great centerpiece is one where you place two squares of mirror so the tips are touching. Place a weighted balloon bouquet in the center and then around the base, sprinkle pink, silver, gold, and purple colored candy kisses.  Beautiful!

Pacifiers as napkin rings.

PacifierIf you are using napkins, you could purchase inexpensive pacifiers to use as the napkin rings, which creates a very festive look and baby shower idea.




Table baby shower decorations

Diapers as napkinsUse new cloth diapers. Either colored diapers or plain white with few ribbons appropriately placed would make these simple decorations for your baby shower!