Inexpensive Babyshower Favor Ideas to Make at Home

When hosting a baby shower, you want to give something special to the guests and the most popular take-home gifts are babyshower party favors.

Babyshower favors are small mementos that guests can take home to remember the special day by but in addition, baby shower favors provide the parents with something they can save as a special keepsake.

Therefore, you want to spend a little time coming up with options. While you have options for free baby shower favors, you can also come up with some great, inexpensive options.

Chocolate Babyshower Favors

chocolate favors candy moldsThis might be one of the easiest but most cute and enchanting homemade baby shower favor ideas. Who doesn’t like chocolate? So, for starters, you might consider making chocolate shower favors. You might need some candy molds, but these are very inexpensive.

Then, purchase milk chocolate designed for candy making. Craft stores carry molds for hearts, bears, ducks, pacifiers, baby buggies, baby bottles, and more. Simply choose one or two molds and then get started melting and pouring chocolate.

Keep in mind that you can also choose white chocolate and then color it with pink and blue food coloring!

Afterward, pack in delightful designer boxes especially made for babyshower party favors and give to all your friends.

Beautiful, Easy Decorative Ornaments as babyshower favors

Decorative Ornaments as FavorsOther inexpensive baby shower favors to make are to decorate plastic Christmas ornaments with items relating to you and your babyshower..These cost very little and are widely available at craft stores or Amazon.

Then, take pastel colored ribbon, cutting pieces about two inches long, some curled and some straight. Remove the metal top of the ornament, filling each with ribbon.

Or another elegant baby shower favor ideas is to decorate the outside with different colored icing

Replace the metal top and hot glue or tie another piece of ribbon around the top.

In addition to making great babyshower favors, guests can hang these on the tree year after year. Now, you can also use craft paint to write the name and date or the shower on the outside of the ornament.

To make your babyshower party favor even more special, put a miniature plastic baby inside one of the ornaments. As these favors are randomly passed out, let all the guests know that the person with the baby ornament will get a great door prize, which could be something like a dinner gift certificate for two or two movie passes.

Candy Filled Bottle Babyshower favors

Candy Filled Bottle Babyshower favorsYou can also offer guests a miniature baby bottle filled with candy to take home as a babyshower favor. You can find these bottles easily for a few dollars.

Then, find a bulk candy store, buying pastel jellybeans or sweet tart candy, filling each bottle. Around the rip of the bottle’s rim, tie a colored ribbon.

Although inexpensive and simple to make, these homestead baby shower favor ideas make very cute and elegant baby shower favors.

Something to Grow. One of the most caring baby shower favor ideas

Seeds make great babyshower favorsYou can also purchase organic seed packets for growing herbs, which are often very inexpensive. With a small piece of pink or blue paper, write a scripture verse or poem. Then, punch a single hole in the corner of the packet and one on the paper.

Using a piece of colored ribbon, attach the note to the seed packet. Before they leave, give your friends these cute and innovative babyshower favors.

When they grow the plants your friends will have a constant reminder of your wonderful baby shower