Planning For Baby Showers and Babyshower ideas – 5 Fast Basics

Planning For Baby Showers

There are so many things to remember and make sure of when planning for baby showers.

Some folks might initially see this task as a little overwhelming, BUT, with the right knowledge and preparedness it can be a really fun and exciting task.

The fun starts right from the very beginning when you are thinking of all the beautiful choices and cute babyshower ideas.

So what are some tricks you need to know? Keep reading to find out.


1. Note All Your Potential Guests on Your Baby Shower Checklist!

Who has RSVP'd?

Once you have a list of all of the guests you are going to invite, try to get as much contact information from each one as you can. This includes address, email and phone number.

This way you can check in with them if they are late to RSVP and you can ask people for help or to pitch in as needed. You can also ask them for their best babyshower ideas!

Making a spreadsheet with excel of all the guests is a great idea as well because you can have it available on your computer and also print it out as needed.

2. Price Check Everything When Planning for Baby showers


check-price-buttonWhen ordering anything for the baby shower you should price check at least two or three possible places. Although this can take a little more time, the amount of money you can save is well worth it.

There are many different types of things you may decide to order when going through your babyshower ideas. Price checking works extremely well when ordering food and catering, flowers and decorations.

If you mention to the companies that you are price checking before ordering they are more likely to give you the best price as possible.


3. Get a Group Together and Brainstorm Babyshower Ideas!

Happy to Help

There’s a lot to do where you’re planning for baby showers!

Although you may feel like everything is your responsibility as the baby shower planner, it is okay to ask for help, even at the very beginning when you are collecting babyshower ideas.

Try to get a team together as early as possible. Everyone loves to help and it will save you a lot of time and money and you’ll be able to participate more in all the fun on the big day as well.

On the day, try delegating one area of set-up to each person such as a person for food, someone responsible for decorations, on for drinks, one to organize games etc and then you can focus on mom-to-be and organize and introduce arriving guests.

4. Don’t Get Caught Up In The Plans!

Teams have more fun

Delegate, delegate, delegate on the day of the shower!

Use your babyshower checklist for a stress free babyshower!

The last thing you can do is get so caught up in the schedule and plans of the baby shower that you don’t allow yourself to sit back and enjoy what you have put on.

I can guarantee the mother to be will enjoy it even more if you are there having a good time with her.


5. Get Thank You Cards Ready for The Mom-To-Be

Babyshower thank you cards for Mom

This may take a little more of your time but it is easy to do and works as a great gift for the mother to be.

By making simple, pre-addressed thank you cards, you save the mother to be time and get to let out some babyshower planning stress with crafting.


So there you have our ultimate tips for your baby shower planning. With these tips anyone that is planning for baby showers should be able to lower their stress and enjoy the event. For more help see our ‘Baby Shower Checklist’