Finding Baby Shower Invitation Templates For Free

Blue boy invite baby shower templateAre you planning a babyshower on a budget and looking for free babyshower invitation templates?

There are so many resources on the internet for free invitation templates perfect for baby showers.

For lots of us it’s hard to know where to start to start! Below we share with you baby shower templates we have used successfully in the past.

1. Look here first for baby shower invites!

The easiest place to start may seem to be to Google ‘baby shower invites’. However, there are sites online that we have used which are easy to use and virus free.

We found that Pinterest is a good place to start. to go directly to free baby shower templates.

You can find all types of styles and themes through a quick search and Pinterest users will always try to make their pins easy to use for all users. Particularly for something as cute as baby shower invites!


2. Freebie Baby Shower Invitation Templates!

TCute free invitehere are also free programs that you can download to your computer to easily create custom baby shower invitations.

Smilebox is another great program we’ve used to download free baby shower templates for our invitations.

After a quick download, this program walks you through step by step to make personalized invitations for baby showers.

This program is full of templates, fun themes and invitation decorations to go along with your theme.


3. Tiny Budget for a Baby Shower Template?

Pink princess baby shower templateDo you have a small budget available for your baby shower invitations and prefer not to have to create your own cards? Then this may be the perfect site for you.

Almost any card you chose from is under $2 and they have options for almost any theme you could think of.

With you can be guaranteed your baby shower cards will look professional and won’t put a huge dent in your baby shower planning budget.

4. Busy? These Baby shower invites get sent for you!

Ahoy it's a boy baby shower inviteZazzle will print your baby shower invitations on high quality paper using their own printers. This means you don’t have to buy paper and ink and figure out how to format your printer and computer to print on the paper properly.

If you have ever attempted to print photos at home, you understand this can be tough!

Zazzle make it really easy for you and also send your invitations to your guests themselves, just charging you the cost of the stamp – cool!


5. Simple and Cute baby shower invites are best

A star is born!When picking out a baby shower template or invitation there are a few things to look for.

The best baby shower invitation cards are simple and cute. Using too many colors or fonts and text will detract from the message of your invitation. You want to make your font fun but easy to read; if you question the font on the card odds are it is not a great choice.

Most simple and attractive template baby shower card will be great – if you think it’s wonderful and cute so will everyone else.


Key Point Checklist for Your Baby Shower Invites.

Key point Baby shower invitesBefore you mail out the invitations make sure you have included the key points.

  • The date
  • The time
  • Which location
  • How to RSVP

These are really important.

It is also a good idea to keep a Baby Shower checklist with a list of invitations sent and who has or hasn’t RSVP’d. That way, a week or two before the shower you can contact whoever has not yet confirmed.

By using your Key Point Checklist you will keep up with all of the guests you want to be attending the baby shower. Many people may be busy and will appreciate a reminder call to RSVP.

Now you know where to go for your baby shower invitation templates, what to look for in an invitation template and all the essential information to include on you baby shower invites. We hope this article has helped you find and prepare the perfect baby shower invitation.

As a last suggestion there’s a Microsoft Office baby shower template too!