The Ultimate 5 Step Baby Shower Checklist

Get organised!

If you are planning a baby shower and are starting to look for ideas, look no further as right here we have the perfect baby shower checklist so you can make sure you don’t forget a single detail.

For many people a baby shower is a once in a lifetime event that they will remember forever. Planning and searching for ideas for the shower can be a tough task.

There are so many details to plan and you will constantly find yourself thinking of new things to consider.

Here we will lay out our tried and tested 5 step easy to follow baby shower checklist:

1. The Baby Shower Checklist Basics

Plan your budget

There are few things you need to figure out before anything else:

       Who to invite?

       When will it be?

       What is the budget?

       What theme shall we have ?

       Where will it be?

Make sure you have a list of contact information for everyone you will be inviting and all the budget money ready to spend.

If you are planning on reserving a location for the baby shower, instead of hosting at someone’s home, reserve the location as early as possible.

2. The Theme

Ahoy!  It's a boy themeThe theme can be the most exciting part of the baby shower planning timeline and they’ll be lots of babyshower ideas to consider.

Of course, there are lots of popular baby shower themes – find some of our ideas here for babyshower ideas for boys and baby shower ideas for girls.

Once you figure out your theme, you can move forward on everything else.

Short on creative baby shower ideas? Check out our baby boy themes or baby girl themes or see Baby Zone for heaps of excellent ideas.

Make a decision as fast as you can so you can move forward with the planning. You can never go wrong with the theme of “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl”. Everything else follows the theme so make the decision fast and keep it fun and simple.

3. Baby Shower Ideas for Invites

By now you should have your contact list ready and all the big details decided on. If so, it’s time to start working on your babyshower ideas for invitations. Check out our helpful post Finding Baby Shower Invitation Templates For Free

There are also a ton of do it yourself” free Baby shower invitation template ideas on Pinterest. and lots of other sites including which are marvelous if you are the crafty type. However, if that’s not your thing, and have the money to spend, try sites like and Vistaprint to order invitations.

Send your invitations out as early as possible that way you can follow up with any RSVP stragglers a few weeks before the shower.

4. Decorations and Games

Cute purple look

Here is the super fun part. Now you must decide on your decorations and games for the baby shower.

Don’t worry if you aren’t super-creative, there’s lots of help to hand for babyshower ideas. See our article on Planning for baby showers or try for some other good ideas.

Consider stations you would like to decorate at the party such as a guest book area, the gift and food tables and how you would like these to look. Find a few items to put on all of the tables to keep them fun, cute and flowing with the theme.

Try to find a two or three activities that will be fun for everyone. We usually get our baby shower Pinterest board started now so we can decide on one or two baby shower games.

5. The Baby Shower Checklist Menu

baby shower checklist

Finally it is time to plan the food.

We love to have a theme celebration cake at all our baby showers. Any bakery can make a great baby shower cake, all you need to do is call a few places and see who can give you the best price.

Then decide what other types of food you would like. Some baby showers provide a full meal while others just have themed snacks and cakes.

There you have it, the ultimate baby shower checklist.

If you are short on babyshower ideas at any point in the planning, there’s heaps more help for you right here on our website.

All that is left to do now is file your checklist, pat yourself on the back, set up and have a good time!