Baby Shower at Home, Work or Restaurant?

baby shower at work

Baby showers are great parties for welcoming new life.

A baby shower is often hosted in a venue that matches the personality of the expectant mother.

Some of the most popular choices are to hold  the shower at home, at work or at a cafe or restaurants, all of which can be ‘dressed’ for the occasion.

Baby Shower at Work

Celebrating with work  colleagues

When a woman is pregnant, everyone around her experiences her joy and pain – especially in the office where she spends most of her day!.

The mood swings, swollen ankles, weird cravings, heat flashes and growing stomach become common features of your colleagues life at this time in the workplace.

Throwing a shower at work can be an exciting experience for everyone around.

When planning a work baby shower all you need to consider are these points:

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Is There Already a Plan in Place?

Planning for the babyshower

Your colleague’s boss may already have plans to throw a babyshower at work for her. Find out first if this is true before putting any plans in place.

Also, you might need to be careful about who you invite to the shower. Everyone loves a party and having a babyshower at work might mean that everyone in the office will want to be invited!

Your pregnant colleague may be comfortable with just her close work colleagues but not the whole department or floor!

Discreetly find out who you think she’s like to share her exciting baby shower with and limit the invitations to just them.

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Who’s Coming?

Invitation checklist

If the guest list for the baby shower is going to be limited, you have to be very careful about where you host it in the office.

If your office has a boardroom, you could get permission to set it up for the shower at a time when there are no scheduled meetings.

You also have to ensure that both the expectant mother and the guests don’t have any meetings that would clash with the shower.

So, you may consider having the baby shower after work. See our post on Finding Baby Shower Invitation Templates For Free.

Get Creative on Work Baby Shower Ideas!

Create a  fun babyshower table

Throwing a baby shower at work doesn’t mean that you have to be drab with the décor at all!

Be creative while ensuring that the decorations are things that can easily be removed once the party has ended.

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Food and Drinks

Food idea for babyshower at work

It’s best to serve ‘easy to eat’ food at a baby shower at work.

You more than likely will be having it during lunch or after work when people will be hungry.

A good host always ensures that her guests don’t leave her party hungry.

And maybe soft drinks or mocktails are a good idea too.

The expectant mother can’t drink it so why should it be there?

Serve hot or cold beverages that everyone will love. You can be creative here too!

Baby Shower at Home

Baby Shower at home

Your friends have been excited from the moment they heard you were pregnant. Now it’s time to celebrate.

Having a baby shower at home creates a more intimate experience.

You can invite those people who have the most impact on your life.

You can also personalize it to suit your interests and needs.

Make it exciting and fun. After all, you won’t be pregnant for much longer!

Baby Shower at a Restaurant

baby shower in a restaurant

Restaurants are popular spots for all types of events.Having a baby shower at a restaurant could make it less intimate. It is possible though that an expectant mother with wild cravings won’t mind the attention.

Plan the shower for her favorite restaurant and book out a section of the restaurant that can accommodate all the guests.

The main point is to have fun and throw an awesome party.

When you are planning the baby shower, base your venue choice on the environment you want to create and how intimate you want it to be.

Whether you choose to have the baby shower at work, at home, or at a restaurant, it is important for everyone to have fun.

She only has a few months or weeks left before her little one enters the world and it’s time to celebrate!